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Laparoscopic Bladder Diverticulum Repair

Dear Dr VVS Chandrasekharam sir, We have been very happy with your treatment for my lovely kid, and very very heart full thanks to Dr Chandrasekharam. Dr.VVS Chandrasekharam sir is absolutely the best I’ ve ever been to. Dr Chandrasekharam is very expert Doctor in Laparoscopic Surgery of children.

It all started when my lovely kid Srikar had severe urinary problem 3 months ago at the age of 8 months. He had severe urinary infection and could not pass urine properly; his stomach started bulging (I was told it was because of urine accumulation in his urinary bladder). With these problems, my little boy was diagnosed with (after tests like Ultrasound & MCUG) urinary bladder diverticulum ( a large pouch attached to the left side of urinary bladder) which was obstructing the free urine passage from the bladder. My son’s left kidney & ureter were also enlarged due to the obstruction. With this diagnosis & urine infection, my son had to be treated with urinary catheter (tube thru the penis to drain urine from bladder) and antibiotics. I was told that once the infection is controlled, my kid will require major operation to remove the diverticulum & reposition the left ureter in the bladder. All the surgeons that we consulted said that the surgery will be done by open technique (involving a large cut on the lower abdomen) & my son will be kept in the hospital for 10 days after the surgery. I was greatly worried & mentally disturbed with the thought of my son undergoing such major operation. My concern was can he withstand & tolerate such major surgery? How to manage him for 10 days in the hospital after the surgery?

At that time I came to know about Dr Chandrasekharam sir & his expertise in doing laparoscopic (Key-Hole) surgery in children. Next day I took the appointment & met Dr Chandrasekharam sir. He clearly explained that my son’s surgery can be done by laparoscopy (just with 3 small holes in the tummy) without any major cut. When I spoke to sir I felt very happy. Next week my child underwent the surgery by laparoscopy. After the operation, the very next day my son is dancing on the bed & he was very comfortable as if nothing has been done. My son was discharged from the hospital in just 2 days with a urine tube (to give rest to bladder) which was removed after further 3 days. It is now 2 months after the surgery. My son is perfectly OK, we cannot see any scar on his tummy (doctor told me they used tiny 3 mm holes for the laparoscopy). Ultrasound test now has showed normal kidneys and bladder in my child.

My child and my family are very haapy. Once again thanking Dr Chandrasekharam sir. I strongly recommend Dr VVS Chandrasekharam to my friends and parents of children requiring surgery. thanking you sir, with best wishes, Vishnu, father of Srikar.

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