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Hypospadias is Common and Correctable

Hypospadias is a congenital abnormality of the penis, occuring in 1 out of 150 - 200 boys. Dr Sekharam is an expert  and has done over 600 hypospadias repairs with excellent results and has presented & published several papers on this subject

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Laparoscopic kidney surgery in babies

Many kidney problems are now diagnosed before birth, Some of them require surgical correction after birth & in the first year of life. Surgery is commonly done to clear blocks in the kidney (commonly Hydronephrosis/PUJ obstruction). These operations can be done safely & successfully by laparoscopy (key hole surgery). Dr Sekharam has the largest experience in the country in these operations. The large cuts, pain & long-term adverse effects associated with open surgery can now be avoided.

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Laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery for repair of gaint bladder diverticulum in a 10-month baby

A 10-month old baby boy was diagnosed with a serious problem with his urinary bladder. He had a large pouch attached to his bladder that was making urine passage difficult, resulting in severe urinary infection & swelling of kidney. Dr Sekharam corrected the problem using laparoscopic surgery with just 3 small holes in the belly..... 


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Greetings & welcome to, a site dedicated to kids' surgical problems


This is Dr. VVS Chandrasekharam. I am a Pediatric Surgeon & Pediatric Urologist from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. I did my Surgical & Pediatric Surgical training from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. During the 6 years I spent at AIIMS, I got trained in all aspects of Pediatric surgery. I obtained my Masters degree (M.Ch Pediatric surgery) from AIIMS with a Gold Medal in 1999.


I presented many research papers pertaining to pediatric surgery & pediatric urology in national & international meetings. I have over 30 papers published in international journals to my credit. After gaining further experience at AIIMS as chief senior resident for over a year, I returned to Hyderabad & started practicing exclusive pediatric surgery & pediatric urology.

The concept of a specialist surgeon for children, although established in the West, is still not very popular in India. For example, in our country, many operations in children are still performed by adult surgical specialists.

A child is not a miniature adult.



Children have special problems that require the expertise of a surgeon specially trained in handling children with surgical problems. Most parents that have a child with a surgical problem do not know that there are specially trained surgeons who dedicate their practice to children's surgery. First of all, it comes as a shock to many parents that their child has to undergo an operation.The safety of surgery & anesthesia in small children & babies are a matter of concern to all parents.


Many of the parents want to know more about their child's problem & clear their doubts. Thus, I felt the need to create a website on children's surgical problems. In this site, I have tried to explain the common problems in pediatric surgery & pediatric urology, the common symptoms & the general plan of treatment. However, the importance of tailoring the treatment to individual child's needs need not be overemphasized. This website should not be viewed as a complete textbook of pediatric surgery. However, you are welcome to post any queries regarding any surgical problem your child may have. I would be glad to answer them.


Dr. VVS Chandrasekharam M.Ch (Gold-Medalist, AIIMS, New Delhi),

Pediatric Surgeon & Pediatric Urologist, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel: 098490 10175 (for appointments)


Focus Diagnostics, Model house lane, near Saibaba temple, Punjagutta. Hyderabad. Telangana. India

Timings: 6-8pm, Monday to Friday


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Thanks From Parents


Aarav, who underwent single-stage repair of midpenile hypospadias in May 2015.


My son, from the day he born he became my entire life.. From the day 1 he started tensing me.


My son is now four months old.

K Mahendar Yadav

My Son Master ShivCharan aged 2 months was suffering from Stomach-ache and vomiting, where he was un

Akheel Khan

After consulting with many doctors in Hyderabad, we decided not to opt for the surgery until he atta