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Caution: The following pages may contain images of reproductive organs and private parts. These have been presented for patient education and awareness. Discretion is advised before viewing these pages. Patient identity has been suitably concealed


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Pediatric Surgery Basics


1. What is pediatric surgery?
Pediatric Surgery is a very specialized & delicate branch of surgery that deals with the correction of surgical problems in children, from birth (newborn) to 18 years of age.
Children have unique surgical problems that are usually congenital (by birth), unlike adults that have mostly acquired problems.
Children have both unique structure & physiology compared to adults & so it requires special training & competency to operate on children.
Pediatric surgeons are surgeons who are specially trained to perform these delicate operations on children. They receive special training in Pediatric surgery for 3 years after their initial training in adult surgery.
Pediatric surgery is currently undergoing further subspecialisations to further improve the competency of the surgeons in dealing with complex problems in children.
Commonly, pediatric surgeons are trained to operate on all surgical problems in a child except brain, heart & bones. So they deal with abdominal (intestines, liver etc) urologic (kidneys, genitalia) & thoracic (lungs, chest wall, airways, foodpipe, etc) surgery in children
2. What is pediatric urology?
Pediatric Urology is a highly specialized surgical speciality which deals with surgical diseases of genitourinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder and genitalia) in children from newborn age to 18 years of age.
Congenital problems of the kidney & genitalia are among the commonest problems occurring in children. It requires special training & expertise to deal with such problems in children.
Dr Chandrasekharam has special interest & expertise in dealing with children with urologic & genital problems. His clinical & research work pertaining to pediatric urologic problems has been internationally acknowledged.
He has recently described a new technique of stenting for pyeloplasty (a common kidney operation in babies & children) which has been published in the reputed international journal, ‘UROLOGY’.
He is an expert in Hypospadias operations, & he performs 40-50 such operations every year. He delivered a lecture on Hypospadias in July 2006 in Mumbai at a meeting organized by Navi Mumbai Surgical Society.
Further information on Pediatric Urologic problems can be obtained from the corresponding page in this website.
3. Who is a Pediatric Urologist?
Pediatric Urologists are trained surgeons who treat such kids. Either they are Pediatric Surgeons who receive special training in Pediatric Urology or sometimes Adult Urologists who receive training in Pediatric Urology.
4. What is the scope of Pediatric Urology?
Pediatric Urology is a new and rapidly expanding field. In this era, parents want heir kids to be treated by the best specialist possible and so such a specialty is the need of the hour. And with so much of progress being made in equipment and medicines, it would be impossible for a general surgeon to aware of everything new and latest.
5. How do I know that my child has a Pediatric Urology disorder?
We have listed a list of symptoms with which these disorders present. If any of these is present then please consult a Pediatric Urologist at the earliest. The other way is to consult a Pediatrician and then he will be able to guide you to an appropriate person.
6. How is Pediatric Urology different from adult urology?
Pediatric Urologists are experienced in handling small kids and can operate on these very soft and miniature tissues. They understand an unspoken language of the kids also and will be able to diagnose the problem in a young child better than an adult urologist who sees only adults

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