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Hypospadias Successful Surgery by Dr. Chandrasekharam

Parent Name: 
Akheel Khan

Hi I am Akheel Khan from Dubai. Last year I had been blessed with a baby boy (Umar Khan). At the time of birth doctor’s informed us that he is healthy & fine. But when we took him for circumcision, we came to know that he is having Hypospadias. After consulting with many doctors in Hyderabad, we decided not to opt for the surgery until he attains his 1st birth Anniversary.
As the time approached we started consulting various doctors in Dubai. One day we came across a Hyderabadi Doctor in Sharjah. He suggested us not to approach any other surgeon other than Dr.VVS Chandrasekharam in Hyderabad. He even told us that his son too had hypospadias. As a doctor he consulted many surgeons in Hyderabad & he was quite impressed with Dr. Chandrasekharam & went ahead with his son’s surgery by Dr. Chandrasekharam., which was quite successful. When I consulted our family pediatrician in Hyderabad, he too referred Dr. Chandrasekharam for the treatment. I was quite nervous & was never ready to take this step, but had no option. But when I met Dr. Chandrasekharam he really explained me in detail about hypospadias, the surgery & post-operative course. He made me feel very confident & strengthened me with his polite words & humble nature. My son got operated by Dr Chandrasekharam & is doing very well. I firmly believe that cure for every disease is in Almighty Allah’s will & Dr. Chandrasekharam has with his blessings & he got the ability to perform even the critical of operations with ease. I thank Dr. Chandrasekharam from the bottom of my heart  & pray to Almighty Allah to always guide him & keep him on the straight path. May your simplicity & humble gesture continue to console & be a helping hand for many parents like me in the future. I am glad that I found you as a doctor for my son & a friend for myself.

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Thanks From Parents


Aarav, who underwent single-stage repair of midpenile hypospadias in May 2015.


My son, from the day he born he became my entire life.. From the day 1 he started tensing me.


My son is now four months old.

K Mahendar Yadav

My Son Master ShivCharan aged 2 months was suffering from Stomach-ache and vomiting, where he was un

Akheel Khan

After consulting with many doctors in Hyderabad, we decided not to opt for the surgery until he atta