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Laparoscopic Choledochal Cyst Repair

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K Mahendar Yadav

Dear Sir,
My Son Master ShivCharan aged 2 months was suffering from Stomach-ache and vomiting, where he was unable to express the pain in that teething age. Ultrasound and MRI scan were performed on my baby and diagnosed that he had a very severe problem-it is called Choledochal cyst, a by-birth problem where there is swelling of the bile duct (a tube that carries bile from the liver into the intestine). Due to this, there is improper flow of bile, and the children get pain
We have consulted around seventeen reputed hospitals in Hyderabad, the general reply came from each and every hospital was to go for an open procedure with a large cut over the body. We were worried whether our child would take such pain in going with the procedure.
Finally, we have consulted by Dr. VVS Chandra Sekharam who has been referred through a senior doctor friend of ours. The reports have been thoroughly examined and have given the suggestion of going with the Laparoscopy procedure where there shall be minimum incisions in to the body. After you showcasing the case studies, it is where we have developed our trust and faith in going with the procedure under your supervision.
After your experience in this particular procedure, we have decided to go for it in less than a week. Our child has been allowed to discharge within few days. It has been over a year so far; our child is sound in health and we are very happy that after several tensions in the family we have taken the right decision at right time.
I would be the very first person to recommend you for similar procedures and grateful to God that we have such an experienced doctor available in our society.
Thank you once again for taking utmost care during pre & post procedure.
Thanks & Regards
K Mahendar Yadav
Area Manager-Orient Cement Limited-Hyderabad
Cell: 9848533306

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