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My child cured of Vesicoureteric Reflux with Laparoscopic surgery

Parent Name: 
Vamshi Challuri, UAE


I am Vamshi Krishna Challuri , Staying in Abu dhabi (UAE). Last year, my 3.5 –year old daughter all of sudden got sick with high fever. Here doctors diagnosed as due to Urinary infection. We thought that it would clear with Antibiotic course. Even after 2-3 full antibiotic courses, the fever was recurring. Immediately we rushed to Hyderabad and consulted nephrologist. He initially treated the infection according to the urine culture report. After that, Ultrasound and MCUG tests were performed on my daughter. After MCUG, they diagnosed that my daughter was suffering with Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR Grade IV) which resulted in Urinary infection and high fever. As VUR was high-grade, we were advised for surgical correction of VUR and were referred to meet Dr. VVS Chandrasekharam garu to discuss about surgical options to treat VUR.

e immediately met Dr.Chandrasekharam garu and he explained in detail about possible ways to correct this VUR Grade IV. He said that there are two endoscopic techniques to correct VUR, one being cystoscopic Deflux injection and the other laparoscopic ureteric reimplantation. He explained clearly the benefits and success of each operation and the possible complications which are minimal. We came to know that Dr Chandrasekharam is one of the few surgeons in the country who has expertise and extensive experience with endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries in children.

Since Deflux was not available in India at that time, we went ahead with laparoscopic (more specifically called vesicoscopic) bilateral ureteric reimplantation for my child in July 2013. My daughter recovered very well from the operation. The pain of operation itself was very less as it was done only through 3 small holes on my child’s tummy, without actually making a big cut on the tummy as is done for open surgery. She only had some temporary discomfort because of the catheter and stents for a few days.

During last visit to India (aug-2014, 1 year after the surgery), we met Dr Chadrasekharam garu and again we did MCUG to check the success of surgical procedure. The MCUG showed that now VUR got completely cured. Moreover, after such major surgery, my daughter has hardly any scar marks on her tummy, thanks to the laparoscopic surgery that was done on her. We will always be thankful to Dr Chadarasekharam garu and his entire team for entire my life. We really got panic when my daughter was diagnosed with VUR. Now my daughter is doing very well and going to school. As per the advice of the doctor, we are making sure that her urine and motion habits are regular and healthy.

There may be many number of doctors but getting right doctor at right time was our luck and God’s grace.

Vamshi Challuri, UAE

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