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Happy With Hypospadias Surgery

Parent Name: 
Shabana Shaik



My Son was born with a congenital birth defect - Hypospadias. I am aware of the fact that repair is done by surgery. I have searched in google and gone through the hypospadias repair. Then, at the age of 2yrs for my kid, we decided that my son has to undergo surgery. Then,again, I started searching for pediatric surgeons. I posted in classifieds of MNC's. While searching in google, I came across this link. Then, I started to know more about Dr.Sekharam Sir by reading some of his papers on Hypospadias repair. But still, I was not sure whether I am approaching the right surgeon. I felt that if somebody has posted review comments, it would be of great help for troubled parents. I had taken appointment on a fine-Saturday. Dr. Sekharam was very open, patient and answered all our queries and he had given moral strength and confidence. Finally, on Apr 16,2012, surgery was performed and it was successful. Now, its been 3 weeks and my son has recovered very fast and results, healing was excellent.


Moreover, website is very cognitive such that a person from non-medical background can grasp the thing. We are very much impressed with Dr.Sekharam and would recommend this surgeon for troubled parents. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Sekharam and urge the parents to consult pediatrc surgeon for kids but not adults surgeon.


Last but not least, One has to take care of three things while your kid has to undergo any surgery; first is surgeon, second is surgeon and third is surgeon. As an experienced mother, I would say that, Dr.Sekharam is the best suited for the above".


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Thanks From Parents


Aarav, who underwent single-stage repair of midpenile hypospadias in May 2015.


My son, from the day he born he became my entire life.. From the day 1 he started tensing me.


My son is now four months old.

K Mahendar Yadav

My Son Master ShivCharan aged 2 months was suffering from Stomach-ache and vomiting, where he was un

Akheel Khan

After consulting with many doctors in Hyderabad, we decided not to opt for the surgery until he atta