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Genitourinary Problems

Parent Name: 
Shabana Shaik
My Son was born with a congenital birth defect - Hypospadias. I am aware of the fact that repair is done by surgery. I have searched in google and gone through the hypospadias repair. Then, at the age of 2yrs for my kid, we decided that my son has to undergo surgery. Then,again, I started searching for pediatric surgeons. I posted in classifieds of MNC's. While searching in google, I came across this link. Then, I started to know more about Dr.Sekharam Sir by reading some of his papers on Hypospadias repair. But still, I was not sure whether I am approaching the right surgeon
Parent Name: 
Samir Anand
The word operation itself is quite scary and that too with such young kid ,it was a nightmare. We were referred to Dr VVS Chandrasekharam, who has extensive experience in managing these kids with minimally invasive methods, without any major open surgery. Dr. Chandrasekharam, who started to look after case of our son, suggested two possible ways of curing the VUR 1. Deflux Injection through Endoscopy 2.Laparoscopic surgery. Since Deflux injection method was the most minimal invasive process with no surgery required and only endoscopic method was to be adopted, we opted for Deflux injection process. The Deflux injection was carried out successfully and the MCUG test was repeated after a span of four months.
Parent Name: 
Vandana Devi
Exactly 1 year back, Life was changed for us , with the arrival of our son. There was nothing but happiness for his Mom and Myself. But there was a problem with the baby's kidney called Hydronephrosis during her pregnancy, Doctors have detected a PUJ obstruction for him. It is the obstruction of the free flow of urine from the kidney.After knowing this, We have spent many sleepless nights with the trauma of our son's health condition.
Parent Name: 
Mr Vishnu Rudrapala
We have been very happy with your treatment for my lovely kid, and very very heart full thanks ti Dr Chandrasekharam. Dr.VVS Chandrasekharam sir is absolutely the best I’ ve ever been to. Dr Chandrasekharam is very expert Doctor in Laparoscopic Surgery of children. It all started when my lovely kid Srikar had severe urinary problem 3 months ago at the age of 8 months. He had severe urinary infection and could not pass urine properly; his stomach started bulging (I was told it was because of urine accumulation in his urinary bladder). With these problems, my little boy was diagnosed with (after tests like Ultrasound & MCUG) urinary bladder diverticulum ( a large pouch attached to the left side of urinary bladder) which was obstructing the free urine passage from the bladder. My son’s left kidney & ureter were also enlarged due to the obstruction.
Parent Name: 
Mr AS Juneed Ahmed from Kurnool
Finally, my son got operated by a pediatric surgeon at Kurnool at 4 years age. After surgery, when I met the said Surgeon, I could very well understand from his feelings/behaviour that he could not correct the said defect of my son. Nevertheless, the said Surgeon informed that the surgery was over and went away from the hospital. After surgery, my son showed signs of unrest all through the day and it continued for three days. My son was experiencing a lot of problem. The Surgeon had arranged a urine bag and a catheter for passing out urine and bandaged the penis.
Parent Name: 
Krishnaveni (Mother of Karthik)
I’m not sure, how to start my experience as a mother whose baby was suffering with severe hypospadias. It’s a congenital birth defect and the reason for this is not known.I did a little amount of research on internet about severe Hypospadias repair and came to know that - Dr. Chandrashekaram is the one who do enormous surgeries in same area, in Hyderabad. At first, we thought to consult different doctors for the opinion on procedure and the stages of surgery. We were not sure whether we are consulting correct doctor. To our luck we consulted only Dr. Chandrashekaram sir, and decided to go ahead with him.
Parent Name: 
Sridhar Dittakavi (father of Master. Arihant Manas)
I am Sridhar Dittakavi (father of Master. Arihant Manas) who underwent Hypospadias repair successfully on 5th Dec 2012. I want to give a brief Testimonial as a token of gratitude.My Son Arihant Manas has born with a congenital birth defect - Hypospadias. we came to know that the repair is done by surgery. Initially we have taken our son for consultation of Hypospadias in bangalore and the surgeon informed us that it would be corrected in 3 stages and it should be done at the age of 1 year and more. Later we came to know about Dr. Chandrasekharam and we have consulted him. Doctor is very friendly and explained us about the repair and procedure.
Parent Name: 
Sirisha Koduri (Mother of Satya Siddharth)
My Son was born with a congenital birth defect – Hypospadias. We were not aware of Hypospadias in the beginning and even the regular pediatrician also bluffed us that it is a minor issue and can be rectified with small surgery.Finally my son underwent the surgery for the first time in a children’s hospital on July 30th 2011 with a pediatric surgeon. It’s our bad luck to say that the surgery got failed on the second day itself and my son literally faced lots and lots of problems, in other words he has seen hell in the hospital. We did not understand the situation going on and finally my son got discharged after 11 days by seeing hell and back to home.


Hypospadias is a congenital abnormality of the penis in boys. It is common, occuring in 1 out of 150 - 200 boys (approx). The 3 main abnormalities in hypospadias are

1)the abnormal position of urinary meatus (opening) on the undersurface of the penis

2)abnormal bend (curvature) of the penis (called Chordee) 

3)abnormal foreskin distribution on the penis (usually only half of the penis has foreskin in children with hypospadias).

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Thanks From Parents


Aarav, who underwent single-stage repair of midpenile hypospadias in May 2015.


My son, from the day he born he became my entire life.. From the day 1 he started tensing me.


My son is now four months old.

K Mahendar Yadav

My Son Master ShivCharan aged 2 months was suffering from Stomach-ache and vomiting, where he was un

Akheel Khan

After consulting with many doctors in Hyderabad, we decided not to opt for the surgery until he atta