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My Child’s VUR cured with Deflux injection without surgery

Parent Name: 
Samir Anand

Hi everyone , we would like to introduce ourselves as a parent of 4 year old boy.

We come from a city of Raipur, chattisgarh where our son was diagnosed with UTI and hence was asked for further tests. As a parent we thought to shift to Hyderabad to know about the exact reasons for such a problem ad hence we went to Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. After number of tests like sonography , MCUG and finally DMSA scan we were not shocked but our world fell apart. We were informed regarding Reflux problem (VUR) of our son, Grade IV in left kidney and Grade III in right Kidney and test of DMSA revealed that our son’s right kidney also was almost non-functional. The results were shocking and it was further informed that our son needs to be operated. The word operation itself is quite scary and that too with such young kid ,it was a nightmare.

We were referred to Dr VVS Chandrasekharam, who has extensive experience in managing these kids with minimally invasive methods, without any major open surgery. Dr. Chandrasekharam, who started to look after case of our son, suggested two possible ways of curing the VUR 1. Deflux Injection through Endoscopy 2.Laparoscopic surgery. Since Deflux injection method was the most minimal invasive process with no surgery required and only endoscopic method was to be adopted, we opted for Deflux injection process. The Deflux injection was carried out successfully and the MCUG test was repeated after a span of four months. The result was extremely satisfying with NO reflux in left side and only Grade I reflux in Right side. Dr. informed us that since right Kidney was almost non-functional, it may take some time to get treated only by medicines.

I understand the problem of kids having such a probem. Its more than a nightmare for the parents even to think about little children has to go through. With Dr.Chandrasehkharam around, I would like to share that kids are in safe hands with such great and hardworking doctors around who really care for small kids.

Thanks and God bless.

Samir Anand,

mobile: 07770962220

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