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Reoperation for failed Hypospadias

Parent Name: 
Mr AS Juneed Ahmed from Kurnool

Respected Sir,

I, A.S. Juneed Ahmed, working in Judicial Department of Kurnool Unit, wish to share with your good authority my bitter experience with the doctors in connection with the Hypospadias repair of my son by name A.S. Affaan Safi.

My son was born with hypospadias with chordee. I consulted pediatric surgeons, urologists & plastic surgeons at Kurnool for the condition. All of them said that hypospdias requires operation for correction, but told me that the child has to grow up to at least 4-5 years. They also told me that the operation has poor success & may require many attempts to correct it.

Finally, my son got operated by a pediatric surgeon at Kurnool at 4 years age. After surgery, when I met the said Surgeon, I could very well understand from his feelings/behaviour that he could not correct the said defect of my son. Nevertheless, the said Surgeon informed that the surgery was over and went away from the hospital. After surgery, my son showed signs of unrest all through the day and it continued for three days. My son was experiencing a lot of problem. The Surgeon had arranged a urine bag and a catheter for passing out urine and bandaged the penis. The catheter was removed after 1 week. However, after removal of the catheter when my son passed urine, I fainted on seeing the urine ejecting through two holes from the under surface of his penis, which was not so prior to surgery. When I consulted the said Surgeon, he informed that the surgery has to be repeated again, as the earlier surgery was not successful. Subsequently, when I approached the surgeon for repeating the surgery, he did not evince much interest and prolonged the matter, informing me that the penis of my son has to be developed further for performing second surgery. Then, my anxiety to know the details of “Hypospadias”, so as to correct the said congenital defect of my son, has made me search the Websites. I came to know that the ideal time for the repair of Hypospadias is between 6 months and 18 months of age. On knowing about the same, I was astonished as to why none of the specialists that I consulted has told me this.
Then, having lost faith on the doctors at Kurnool, I once again searched in the Google, to know as to which doctor at Hyderabad is well-versed in the branch of correcting the Hypospadias defect and the Almighty has shown me your benign authority’s Article on Hypospadias kept on the Web. I have gone through the said Article, which impressed me a lot and made me to approach your good authority. Without wasting any further time, I took your appointment at Rainbow Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on 09-04-2011 and consulted you. Your good authority, on examination of my son, diagnosed the defect as “Midpenile Hypospadias” and advised m that the said defect is repairable, though the efforts made by earlier doctor proved futile. Though on that day, there were many patients to consult you, your good authority has coolly and calmly educated me about the defect of my son, the procedure of surgery, which you adopt and also clarified all my doubts, with a smiling face to my fullest satisfaction. The manner in which your good authority has educated me and my wife on the first day of our visit to you, is indeed appreciable and
I have no hesitation to say that the doctors like you are very rare to be seen in the present generation. Among the doctors whom I have consulted in connection with the repair of the said congenital defect of my son, it is your highness alone, who informed me that the appropriate time for repair of Hypospadias defect is immediately after 6 months of the birth of a child, which indeed has coincided with the Articles on Hypospadias, which I have gone through on the Websites. Your good authority has also educated me about the advantages of going for Hypospadias repair at such appropriate time, which convinced me a lot.

Having strong belief in your good authority and having pleased with the way of education given by you on Hypospadias repair, without even thinking for a while, I gave my consent to you Sir to carry out Hypospadias repair to my son. Accordingly, with the blessings of Almighty, your good authority has performed re-do hypospadias surgery on my son on 11-04-2011, which eventually yielded good result. Why not, when an efficient doctor has performed such a surgery. The procedure adopted by your benign authority for surgery and the way the cath was used, so also the dressing of the wound, speak volumes about your good authority’s efficiency in putting effort to correct the said congenital defect of my son, which indeed is highly applaudable. I could note with my naked eye the vast difference between the manner of Hypospadias repair done by your good authority and the manner in which the previous surgeon made a vain bid to correct such a repair. With the efficient surgery on my son done by your good authority, which indeed is a God’s gift to your benign authority, the wound of my son got healed up well. After removal of the catheter, when my son passed urine from the tip in a good stream, that was the happiest moment of my life. Thereafter, the excellent result was also confirmed by you on Uroflowmetry. Now it is over 1.5 years after my son’s surgery by you, & he is doing very well indeed.

I wish to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the great service that you provided to our family by curing my son’s defect. We always pray the Almighty to give sound health to your good authority, to enable you in giving such service to the needy patients of Hypospadias. We also pray the Almighty for the betterment of your family members too.

Sir, I assure you that I am ready to do anything within my limits to help the unfortunate children of Hypospadias. Sir, here at Kurnool and nearby places, I am awakening the people and educating them about the Hypospadias and also about your good authority’s efficiency in dealing with such cases and I will continue to do so and help the unfortunate children suffering with Hypospadias to reach the right doctor.


AS Juneed Ahmed,

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